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Send all the sales invoices to your customers,
straight out of Salesforce®, in bulk, in minutes, and in a few clicks
Invoicing can take little time and effort, be cost-effective and risk-free, and look good

As Salesforce® users you keep and manage your customers, sales, and products information in one place. So, at month end, or at your specific billing cycles, all the data necessary to create and deliver your invoices is already in your CRM. invoices idea is simple: we have built the plumbing to automatically create your invoices straight out of your sales and customer data in Salesforce®, so, when the time comes to rise your invoices, you simply click a couple of buttons and you are done. Invoicing is over in a matter of minutes, even if you have hundreds of invoices each time. That is efficient and cost-effective !

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One thing you can be certain of is that your invoice is the one document your customers pay attention to it. So ideally you invoices should match the branding efforts you put on your sales and marketing material. But when it comes to invoice documents it is usually a different story. Somehow, in the best scenario, one founds oneself struggling to fit a company logo into a prescribed invoice template that the designers of a billing system thought appropriate for any company. Sounds familiar ?. Well, it does not have to be this way. At invoices we have created an invoice template editor that gives you complete control over the content, and complete freedom over the look-and-feel of your invoices.

To get a taste of what our invoice template editor is capable of, follow the links below.
Castagno Monsegur, A&M Designers, Tutto Disegno,, and Kognoz Innovation Lab

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Bring Your Own Billing Process. Most probably you have your unique products and billing requirements. You may sell products paid once or you may offer your customers to pay in installments. Perhaps you sell subscriptions. invoices introduces the concept of a Billing Scenario to let you adjust the billing process to your unique needs and products. So you can bring your billing process to add efficient and cost-effective billing to your operation while you leverage your investment in Salesforce® customization.

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Inaccurate and badly timed invoices have a cost. This often leads to invoice disputes that slow down payments, result in longer order to cash cycles, bottlenecks at month end, and ultimately lower our customers satisfaction. The major source of errors in invoices are often mistakes made when re-keying data from the CRM into a separate system for billing purposes. And delayed invoices are often the consequence of glitches in the process of moving data around to create them. It does not have to be this way. invoices automatically creates your invoices straight out of your customers and sales data in your CRM, so your invoices are always in sync with that data. And there are also no surprises along the way because the process is simple, and the invoices reach your customers in time. It all boils down to a simple rule: if the sales data is accurate, so will the invoices. And just to make sure, we added a few safeguard checks to guarantee the invoices have the data you intended to include, offering you some extra peace of mind.

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When we showed the first prototype of invoices to people, a few told us that in their view invoices belong to the accounting system. And they are right. A company's sales invoices must find their way into the company's accounting system for accounting purposes, no doubt about it. But we also believe that there is a difference between having records of the company's sales invoices in the accounting system, and using the accounting system to create the invoices in the first place, and sometimes even be the delivery hub for these invoices. invoices is not about replacing the accounting system. It is about shifting the invoicing function from the back office to the CRM, right at the front line, to capitalize on the opportunities this opens up to better support our customers, and at the same time simplify our operation and reduce administration.

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