Accurate Billing

invoices automatically creates an invoice for each sale straight out of the sale's data records. Consequently the invoices are always in sync with your sales data, completely mitigating the risk of inaccurate invoices inherent in re-keying the sales and product data into separate systems to produce your sales invoices.

In addition, invoices includes built in safeguard checks to make sure your customers receive your invoices including the data you intended them to include, that is properly sent when automatically delivering your invoices by email, and, when re-creating invoices, to ensure that the sales data is still in sync with the existing invoice.

The safeguard checks were designed to help you send accurate invoices at all times. invoices picks up the following three different types of inaccuracies and failures to create and process invoices, and points you out to the source so you can easily sort it out:

  • Missing Data The invoice is not created because some of the sales data you defined to be included in the invoice via the invoice template is missing values. For example, you included the customer billing address in your invoice template, and the opportunity's account address has no values.
  • Processing Error
  • The invoice is created but cannot be automatically delivered. For example, the invoicing contact is missing the email address.
  • Out-of-Sync
  • You are re-creating an invoice for a sale, and the sale's data has changed since the invoice was created. The new invoice is not created so you have the chance to check and decide whether to use the existing invoice or replace it with a new one. For example, you are trying to re-create an invoice and products have been added to the sale after the existing invoice was created.
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  • Invoice Manager
    Select one of the pre-defined Billing Scenarios.
    Click Next to go to the next step
  • Invoice Manager
    Set the Billing Rules values. In this example the billing scenario sales correspond to all Closed/Won opportunities, closed during November 2011, and that were approved for invoicing.
    Click Fetch Opportunities to fetch all the sales for the selected Billing Scenario.
  • Invoice Manager
    The sales fetched for the billing scenario are listed in the table. In this example all the sales closed during November 2011 and that were approved for invoicing are shown. A total of thirty sales.
    The Invoice Status column shows the status of the invoice for each sale. The picture shows the list of sales right after being fetched and before any invoice was created, so the Invoice Status for all sales is Not Done.
  • Invoice Manager
    Select the required billing action: Email, Print, or Create Only for each sale. In this example the Email billing action was selected for all sales so that their invoices are automatically delivered by email to the respective customers as they are created.
    Click Process Invoices to process all the invoices in one go.
  • Invoice Manager
    The Invoice Status for the sale flags that invoice was not created because is missing data. Click on the "Missing Data" link to see the source of missing data.
  • Invoice Manager
    The missing data popup provides the details of the fields included in the invoice template that are missing data. In this example the customer billing address in the sale's account record has no value.
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