Added Value
Adds efficient billing to your operation

Salesforce helps companies like yours to streamline their sales process, so you can close deal faster and gain real time visibility into your sales. invoices takes it one step further to add efficient billing to your operation, right within Salesforce®. With it your billing process at each billing cycle boils down to a few clicks and it takes minutes. And because invoices was designed with the flexibility to adjust to your sales regardless of your products and of your specific customization of Salesforce®, you add efficient billing to your existing sales process while you leverage your investment in Salesforce®.

Slashes down operational costs and frees people to focus on the bottom line

With increased efficiency come the savings. invoices obviates the need to re-keying sales data into separate systems for the purpose of preparing sales invoices, and the overhead of maintaining these redundant data sets current in all places. As a result, less staff has to be involved over less time in producing invoices, reducing your operational costs. This in turn adds value in that it frees people otherwise tied up in administrative tasks to spend more time in more strategic activities.

Minimizes invoices disputes and increases your retention rates

invoices automatically creates invoices straight out of your sales records so your invoices are always in sync with your sales information, reducing the risk of errors in your invoices inherent in having to re-key your sales data into a separate system to produce these invoices. Add to that the safeguard checks built into invoices, and you have dramatically reduced the risk your customers receive inaccurate invoices. This results in less invoices disputes, further reducing your costs, boosting your customers satisfaction and, with it, your retention rates.

Professional looking invoice documents that reflect you brand made easy

Most probably you spend considerable amount of time, effort, and money to craft the sales and marketing material you send to your customers. However, often this is not easy when it comes to invoices, particularly when billing is done by accounting systems that are generally not designed for that. Ironically, out of all the documents you send to your customers, your invoices is the one document you can be certain they pay attention to it. invoices includes a powerful invoice template editor that gives you complete freedom to design the content and layout of your invoice documents in any way you see fit and to reflect your brand. It is easy to use, and it is always there for you if you need to make changes to accommodate new requirements and strategies.

Increases visibility and fosters collaboration across the company

invoices shifts billing from its silo to bring your sales invoices together with sales, marketing and services in one place. This allows the different teams to have a broader view of your customers, be able to act faster and better informed, and fosters collaboration to provide a better customer experience. At the end of the day it is all about the customer.

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