Billing in the CRM

There are significant business opportunities in aligning invoicing with sales, marketing, and customer services. How you bring this about depends on your unique sales process but here are a few possibilities that are common across the board:

  • Invoice payment and collection management As your invoices are captured in Salesforce® you can take advantage of Salesforce® easy customization to implement and further streamline your invoice payment and collection policies right within Salesforce®.
  • Finance Intelligence within your CRM
  • Bringing up invoice details, delivery, and payment history data alongside sales information within Salesforce® lets you create meaningful reports and dashboards that feedback finance intelligence to your sales, marketing, and services operations. This benefits the entire organization as it offers a broader view that includes your customers payment habits and history too.. This in turn empowers sales, marketing, and services to act upon richer information, and for sales to have a more active role in invoicing your customers
  • Broaden real time collaboration
  • Shifting the billing process from the back office silo into Salesforce® makes it possible for the whole organization, from sales to accounts receivable, to collaborate in real time over the whole effort, from leads, through orders, to invoices, and payments. Throw in Salesforce's Chatter into the mix, and you have a powerful collaboration platform where the sales, marketing, support, and accounting departments are better equipped to handle the bottom line: more selling and less administration, as one force.

In addition to these potential benefits, creating and delivering the sales invoices straight from the CRM removes the inefficiencies inherent in moving data around to process these invoices, mitigates the risk of inaccurate invoices reaching the customer and bottlenecks at month end, and slashes down significantly the cost of invoicing as well as freeing people to concentrate on the bottom line. invoices is not about replacing the accounting system, but it is about reorganizing the processes to capitalize on all these opportunities. invoices is about freeing people up to focus on the bottom line.

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