Deployment and configuration

After installing the invoices package from the Appexchange, the application's custom objects are hidden and inactive until they are activated using the package deploy process. If you have the "Customize Application" permission you can deploy the custom objects in the package following these steps:

  1. Click Your Name | Setup | View Installed Packages
  2. Select the invoices package
  3. Click Deploy
  4. Click Deploy again to confirm or Cancel to return to the package detail page

Once the package has been installed and deployed, there is a minimal customization of the Opportunity and Account page layouts before you can start using the application. The required customization is described in detail in invoices User Guide. To access this information:

  1. Click on the Invoice Manager tab
  2. Click on Help for this Page on the top right corner of the page to open the User Guide
  3. Click Introducing invoices | Configuration and User Permissions on the content panel of the User Guide to navigate to the configuration section
  4. Follow the steps described in the configuration section.

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