Main Features
Automatic invoice creation out of your sales data

invoices automatically creates an invoice record and an invoice PDF document for each sale straight out of the sales data in your Salesforce® CRM. The sales data included in the invoice records and invoice PDF are determined by the invoice template assigned to the sale.

Bulk and single invoice billing modes

In bulk billing mode invoices automatically creates an invoices for each of the sales in your pipeline in one go. In single invoice billing mode, an invoice is automatically created for a single sale out of the sale's opportunity page.

Supports invoicing products with one-time and recurrent payments

invoices can automatically create invoices for products paid once, and products with scheduled payments such as installments and subscriptions.

Automatic invoice delivery

In both: bulk billing and single invoice billing modes, invoices can automatically email the invoices to your customers. The email is based on one of your email templates and the invoice PDF is attached to the email.

Invoices batch printing

invoices can automatically aggregate all the invoices created in bulk in a single file stored in a folder of your choice under the Documents tab, so you can produce a printed copy of all invoices in one go to send to your customers by post and fax.

Easy design of professional looking invoices

invoices comes with a WYSIWYG invoice template editor that let you assemble graphic and textual content in any way you want, to design the layout of your invoice PDF documents.

Flexible billing scenarios

invoices introduces billing scenarios to let you define and set apart your sales from all the opportunities in your company. At the time of billing invoices uses your billing scenarios to process the sales for that scenario only. You can create multiple billing scenarios to manage the invoicing of different product types.

No need to customize and maintain invoice objects1

invoices automatically maintains the customization of the invoice objects used to capture the invoice records based on the dynamic content from your records you include in your invoice templates. So you think about your invoices in terms of the invoice document you send to your customers, and invoices automatically mantains the invoice objects fields for you.

Accurate invoices

Since invoices automatically creates invoices out of your sales data, the invoices and sales data are always in sync. In addition invoices includes safeguards that check your invoices are not missing any data and, when re-creating invoices, to check that the sales data is still in sync with the existing invoice.

Invoices history and delivery tracking

invoices keeps track of your invoices creation history and delivery channel: email or print. In addition, the automatic delivery of invoices by email is logged as activities under the respective sale's opportunity and account pages.

Configurable auto generated Invoice Number

invoices automatically generates invoice numbers that you can include in your invoices, and displayed according to a configurable format.

Salesforce editions

invoices can be installed and used with the Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited editions of Salesforce®.

1 Applies to Enterprise and Unlimited editions of Salesforce® only. invoices includes a dedicated user interface to flag and guide Professional edition users on when and how to maintain the invoice objects manually.

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