Invoice Templates

invoices offers you complete freedom to design the content and layout of the invoice document you send to your customers. The application includes a WYSIWYG template editor that displays a paper copy representation of your invoice page, following the desktop metaphor, to which you add textual and graphic elements. Once on the page, you are free to position, size, and style any of the elements in any way you want to compose the design of your invoice documents. The editor was designed with business users in mind so you get professional looking invoice documents without programming.

You can start your invoice document design from scratch, you can clone any of your existing templates, or you can create a new template based on one of the predefined samples from our gallery and modify it to your needs, or use it as it is.

The invoice document created for a sale is determined by the template assigned to that sale via a simple lookup field on the opportunity page. You can create as many invoice templates as you need, and you can assign different templates to different sales. And if you need to make changes to your invoices content and layout, the template editor is always there for you to do that.

Follow the links below to see a few of the designs created with invoices's template editor.
Castagno Monsegur, A&M Designers, Tutto Disegno,, and Kognoz Innovation Lab

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  • Click New to create a new invoice template.
  • Choose whether to create a new template from scratch or based on a predefined template. In this example we choose to create a new template based on a predefined one.
    Go to the next step
  • Select one of the samples from invoices gallery of predefined templates.
    Enter a name for the new template.
    Go to the next step.
  • The selected predefined template design is loaded into the canvas. The design includes textual and graphic elements that you are free to edit by double-clicking on any element, size, and position on the page.
    Toolbox to add elements of different type to the page.
    Preview the invoice document design at any stage using any of the opportunities in your organization.
    Save the new template.
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